Meet The Owner

Stephanie Ruggiro, the owner of STUFT, is a college Graduate from The University of North Carolina Wilmington. After following her dreams of moving to New York to pursue a job in Advertising, she realized after just a year of being there that a 9-5 desk job wasn't for her.

After moving back to North Carolina, she started doing research on food trucks in the Raleigh/Durham area. Baked potatoes however weren't just a random idea. When Stephanie's parents were first married, they had a baked potato business of their own in a Flea Market in New York. 

With the help of her parents, Stephanie was able to purchase a truck and have it outfitted to exactly what she needed. STUFT had their official grand opening at the Brewgaloo event in Raleigh on April 26, 2014. She recently celebrated her 5th anniversary.